Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Pineapple People

The fruit were restless. The Apples were anxious. The Cantaloupes were concerned. The Bananas were bothered. The Peaches were prickly. 

The Pineapple People are coming…

When the news came through the grapevine, the fruit families called an emergency meeting. No one knew anything about the Pineapple People, or why they were coming, or what they might want. 

 “We’ve heard they’re 20 feet tall,” said the Oranges. 

“We’ve heard they speak a strange language,” said the Pears.

“We’ve heard they eat other fruit!” said the Apricots.

“Friends,” the Coconuts cooed. “There is nothing to fear. They were the oldest and wisest of the fruit and had seen hard times in the grove before.

“The Pineapple People are coming. Yes, they will look and speak very differently. But they will not hurt our colony or bring harm to our grove.”

Many of the fruit listened. They knew the Coconuts were the most clever and honest of all the fruit. The Kiwis, who were very deep thinkers decided they would welcome the Pineapple People to the grove. 

“Maybe,” the Kiwis thought, “if they seem strange to us, we may seem strange to them. Maybe, our whole grove is very different than where they are from. It would be kind to make them feel at home.” The Kiwis gathered fresh water, green grasses, and all the sorts of things that fruits enjoy as gifts to welcome the Pineapple People.

The Lemons and the Limes – who despite their sour tastes, were very sweet natured – said, “We are unsure about these Pineapple People, but we will offer our friendship.” 

The Apples and Grapes, who were very cautious fruit – it was thought this was because their skins were so thin – said “We first want to know why they have come to the grove and what they will do here.”
The Peaches, however, who were very frosty fruit, said, “These Pineapple People are no friends of ours. We shall be bossy, and boorish, and mean-spirited so they know they are unwanted in our colony!”

It was whispered among the grove, that the Peaches were such unhappy fruit because their heavy seeds were hard to carry around all day.

So the fruit set out, all with their own plans for the Pineapple People. The Coconuts watched the colony prepare. They knew that this was not the first time the Pineapple People had come to the grove…but they did not tell this to the rest of the colony.

Soon the Pineapple People arrived. The way they looked and talked was very different. (The melons admitted they liked the sing-song sound of their words.) But they were gentle and kind. And smart! While the colony prepared for the Pineapple People, the Pineapple People were more prepared for them. They brought gifts to share, like rich pollens and oily waxes, bright flowers and morning dewdrops.

The Pineapple People stayed for many days. In the mornings, they helped the fruit care for the trees and taught them new ways to nurture their leaves. They spoke with the Coconuts on more serious matters like pollens and bees and water levels. But in the evenings, they would sing and dance and share stories late into the night.

Soon, it was clear to all the fruit that the Pineapple People were no danger to the colony. And the fruit, who had been so worried about the Pineapple People coming, began to worry about the time when they would leave.

Too soon, that day did come.

“Goodbye!” said the Oranges.

“Safe travels!” cried the Pears.

“We will never forget you!” sniffed the Apricots.

The Pineapple People said a personal goodbye to each fruit families, spending a little extra time with the Peaches. And then, as quickly as they came, they were gone.

Not long after, the Kiwis went to talk to the Coconuts.

“Friends,” the Kiwis began, “the colony has been different since the Pineapple People left. We use their waxes, and now our skins is very sleek and healthy. We care for the trees as they taught us and now the leaves are very strong and green. We sing and share stories and dance at night and now the colony very happy and friendly. We think the Pineapple People came to help us all along.”

The Coconuts looked down on the young Kiwis with pride.
“Little ones, you are indeed deep thinkers. That was why the Pineapple People were here. Long, long ago, our colony was very sick. There wasn’t enough pollens or water and the fruit families did not know what to do. But one lone Grape said she knew who might help us. That was when the Pineapple People first came to this very grove and saved our colony. They planted new trees and gave us fresh water. And they said they would always be back to check on us.”

“But why not tell the other fruit?” the sharp Kiwis asked.

“Sometimes small ones, we can see better than we can hear. Do you think that the next time a visitor comes to the grove, everyone will act more kindly to them?”

The Kiwis thought for a moment then nodded, “Even the Peaches.”
The Coconuts were satisfied and sent the Kiwis down to join the rest of the colony who were dancing and singing under the stars.  

The End