Monday, December 5, 2016

How the Trump Stole 2016

Every liberal in the District liked democracy a lot...
But the Trump, who lived west of D,C,, Did NOT!

The Trump hated elections. The whole democratic season!
Please don't ask why, we don't know the reason [right wing fruitcake]

Some say that his hair was always trying to escape
Some say that his shoes knew this was a giant mistake

But I think, that perhaps, the most likely reason of all,
was simply his leadership was two sizes too small [that's what SHE said!]

Whatever the reason, his smarts or his shoes,
The weeks before inauguration, he stood hating the Jews,

And Mexicans, and Muslims, and ugly women, and fat women, and immigrants, and the poor, and Arianna Huffington, and Mitt Romney, and debates...

But now that the Trump was the president-elect,
He knew great waves of sadness was all anyone could expect

Yet hope didn't diminish, instead our faith even grew
And the Trump, with his hair and his skin's orange hue,
Puzzled and puzzled "How could this even be true?"

He puzzled 5 hours (in truth, less than 2 minutes)
"It came with out bribes! It came without snitches"
"It came without me moving on any bitches!!"

Our Nation united, prepared to lead on our own if we must
Maybe, just maybe, it's our own direction we're to trust

So in 2016 some people still say,
That the electoral college grew 74 sizes that day.

"Women are the largest untapped reservoir of talent in the world." ~Hillary Clinton

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