Monday, January 17, 2011

To Asheville with love...

In my family the following activities will qualify you as having a "Type A" personality:

Having a To-Do list
Making dinner reservations
Using fabric softener
Getting directions
Purchasing ice from a store

While the above aren't exactly the "classic" traits associated with a Type A Personality, a typical conversation with my parents is as follows:

Me: "It looks like the goats have escaped again, maybe we should fix the fence."
Parents: "Sooo sorry your highness. Someone's gotten used to all those DC folks just spending millions of dollars and fixing fences whenever they want."
Me: "I think we can fix the fence for less than a million dollars. In fact, the Lowes down the street is having a sale on fencing material..."
Parents (with eye roll): "City girl."

And so this winter, Christmas Eve was spent enduring wave after wave of coyote attack because my parents' Great Pyrenees has chosen to stop guarding the goat herd. Even if my upbringing hadn't been influenced by a steady steam of Looney Tunes, I realize it requires a fairly lackadaisical environmental to cause a dog traditionally so loyal to livestock protection, they are sometimes referred to as "The Guardian", to decide to act against thousands of years of care taking instincts.

However, since moving to DC, my parents now deflect all home maintenance issues as the jaded rantings of an aggressive city slicker.