Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Along every career path there exists an Office Nemesis

What makes the Office Nemesis relationship so interesting is its often one-sided dynamic. Your average feud will originate from a dramatic event, such as an affair, violent fight, or sports team loss. 

But the catalyst behind an office clash is far more subtle, typically some imagined slight or perceived insult. For example:

"He never un-jams the printer because he thinks his job is more important than mine."

"She asks super involved questions at the very end of meetings because she has no respect for my schedule."

"He's always looking at me with his stupid face."

Since the source of these office dramas is largely self-manufactured, the resulting feuds are often played out entirely in our own minds.

As someone whose been involved in her fair share of interoffice disputes, it's worth some reflection. Maybe I do keep looking at them with my stupid face? 

But, I'm receptive to the idea that a little perspective can keep interactions with an Office Nemesis from resulting in unprofessional behavior, delayed deadlines, and workplace blackouts.

In my willingness to embrace a win-win approach to navigate workplace politics, I turned to my brother for his sensible, pragmatic advice. He advised,

"You've b
een freelancing for over a year.. you don't have any coworkers. I've heard you refer to your desk lamp as your boss..."

So a little compassion, patience, and understanding can works wonders in mending work dynamics. And I should know, my boss was total asshole.