Saturday, November 9, 2013

Holidays and the City

I love love love the holiday season. The cooling temperatures, the spirit of giving, being fireman carried out of an open bar office holiday party. It's like DC transforms from November to December. The pace slows, priorities change, even the homeless get festive with their street harassment. "Happy Holidays girl, you look so good I wanna cut you like a Christmas ham."

To honor this special time of year, I present an ode to the Holidays in DC

When I left my hometown for the law firms in DC,
"Good luck" they all sneered, "We know the tomfoolery you'll see."

All scoundrels and villains and rascals and crocks
Who'd shut down an orphanage and cheat the account books.

All tricksters and jokers, whose insides are rotten,
And all of their niceness has been long been forgotten.

But I moved nonetheless, in spite of their jeers,
And my first holiday season, I swallowed my fears.

Would a loving Holiday season be something I'd lose?
To these greedy, back-stabbing, carousing yahoos?

But the city was....nice. A place for Holidays to thrive,
When I'd expected its egos to crush them alive.

People were generous and that's just the start,
It was a city of merit, giving, and heart.

So the season in DC is a time of great cheer,
Happy Holidays to all and a Joyful New Year.