Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Boring Work Days and Me: 5 Things I've Learned Before 5:00pm - Part VIII

1) The Third Man factor or Third Man syndrome refers to reported situations where an unseen presence such as a "spirit" or guide provides comfort or support during traumatic experiences. Famous experiencesors include Charles Lindbergh.
2) A house of cards is 
a structure or argument built on a shaky foundation or one that will collapse if a necessary (but possibly overlooked or unappreciated) element is removed.
3) Forget the Hatfields and McCoys this is the greatest family feud of all time:

4) "You know what family means to me Lemon? Resentment. Guilt. Anger. Easter egg hunts that turn into knife fights." ~ Jack Donaghy, '30 Rock'
5) To be "crazy as a fox" is to b
ehave in a foolish, frivolous, or uncomprehending manner as a ruse for concealing clever deeds or deeper intentions. But it turns out that fox I tired to adopt, actually just had rabies after all.

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