Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Boring Work Days and Me: 5 Things I've Learned Before 5:00pm - Part X

1) A digital footprint is the data that is left behind by users on digital services. It's often referred to by my perverted neighbor as an "electronic snitch."
2) When
 people see something adorable, like a baby or a puppy, our typical response is to associate it as something edible (e.g. I want to munch those little feet right off). We relate cuteness to dopamine-inducing scent, reminding us of food. The overlapping senses unconsciously create the desire to put cute things in our mouths. 
I could just eat them on toast
3) This video explains why Fight Club just might be the greatest movie ever. It also breaks the first two rules of Fight Club.
4) One of Google's 30 Most Epic Doodle's, is a tribute to Jackson Pollock's famous and unique style of drip painting. Or it's one of those three-D stereograms, but I've been staring at it for five hours now and so far nothing.
5) I'm not saying saying my Mother's Day Card is better than yours. I'm just repeating what she said in the shower this morning! 

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