Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Eye of the Beholder

Why is it that every time I see the gorgeous salt-and-pepper partner at my firm, it's all I can do not to wind sprint down the hallway and stuff my panties in his pocket?

Beautiful people have a mysterious power, like wizards or El NiƱo. There are studies showing that newborns, free from social conditioning or influences, overwhelmingly prefer looking at what are conventionally considered attractive faces as compared to less attractive ones. But it's unclear what this means, aside from that newborns are perverts. Symmetrical features are associated with top shelf DNA so perhaps we're genetically drawn to attractive folks? I suppose...But the average person is quick to abandon a host of other evolutionary traits - for example the survival instinct through health and wellness - why does this one stick with us?

I exit this sociopsychological rotary at the idea that everyone - male, female, young, old - just likes to look at something lovely. In fact, on my morning commute, I sat across from an astoundingly beautiful woman and was entranced. Stop after stop, leering around the uggos and fatties who boarded and blocked my view, I literally could not stop staring at her. Probably to a point that was getting out of line. Environmental or biological factors aside, if I were a man, Metro Police would have quickly intervened, escorted me off the train in cuffs and announced: “There was an incident at Pentagon that has been resolved, we apologize for the delay.”