Monday, May 27, 2013


I once friend-zoned a guy because his eyes pointed in slightly different directions. Otherwise, he was a perfectly viable candidate: college-educated, well-spoken, decent-looking. But his eyes veered just the tiniest bit away from each other. Like maybe they were having a fight, like one of them had borrowed the others car and didn't refill the tank or told a mildly racist joke at a work function.

Wow, I got an earful from my girlfriends about that one. To hear them talk, you'd think I should've been grateful he even had eyes.

So my unresolved, interpersonal dysfunctions aside, the current national divorce rate still averages in at a heartwarming 40-50%. L
et that statistic sink in the next time you find yourself at dinner party or neighborhood picnic. Almost every other couple is just a handful of broken promises away from a total amourous implosion.

A shame really, when nowadays, it seems like the path to everlasting romance is relativity obstacle-free. Star-crossed lovers no longer have to fear being separated by plague, famine, or Hun invasion. But in the calamity of our modern lives, we've grown cynical and closed off to the idea of true love or soul mates. Have we manufactured thes
e self-imposed deal breakers to protect us from contemporary threats like disappointment, emotional intimacy, and heart break?

But I'm taking a stand. Not a literal one, of course — I've had a lot of wine tonight — but a figurative acknowledgement that "h
appily-ever-after" does exist. Genuine, fairy tale, gooey, true romantic love is laying in wait, like my bookie when I'm late on a loan payment for its moment to strike. If it wasn't we wouldn't have had any reason to question if it was ever there as an alternative at all. 

"Some say that true love is a mirage; seek it anyway, for all else is surely desert." ~Robert Brault