Monday, March 10, 2014

Just Deduce It

Known for astute logical reasoning, use of disguise, and forensic science skills, Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson were a Law & Order: Grisly 19th Century Homicide Unit.
Not sure if in love with Sherlock Holmes.....or with Robert Downy Jr.

What is it about the Watson-Holmes match-up that makes it so effective? The success of this twosome is more than just simply two Industrial Age bros joining forces to create the ultimate crime-solving team. I theorize that a yin and yang dynamic is fundamental to a successful partnership. And when it comes to relationships, you're either a Sherlock Holmes or a Dr. Watson.

Show your work.

The Cat Ambassador Program recently discovered an odd couple pairing between young cheetahs and Anatolian Shepherd puppies. Their contrasting but unexpectedly symbiotic personalities make this union more effective than it is adorable. The shepherd's steady disposition neutralizes the naturally tweaky cheetah, while the cheetah's energy stimulates the mellow shepherd.

The result is so sweet, I could stir it into my morning coffee. While the use of cross-species experimentation is perhaps better suited for wildlife conservation than dating, the concept strikes a cord. In relationships, how do we choose what we need in a partner rather than what we want?

If you examine your own relationship, spend an evening with a couple, or crouch in the bushes spying on my married neighbors, you'll quickly discover the Watson/Holmes balance appears in every successful relationship.

Where Holmes is calculated, Watson is intuitive. When Holmes is methodical, W
atson is visceral. A Holmes-Holmes match is oppressively analytical while a Watson-Watson pairing lacks grounding and direction. But once you place Holmes in the driver seat, you'll find Watson content to navigate this union off into the sunset.

Or at least as far as the oddly homoerotic second movie.