Thursday, May 26, 2011

Big Girl Bed

It really ties the room together.

For the better part of my 29 years, I've slept on a twin bed. And not having been institutionalized or incarcerated, there's no good reason why.
One of my shrinks believes that a twin bed is symbolic of an inability to share one's life. Now that's a little dramatic, even for me, and I once threatened to quit my job if they moved the coffee maker.

Sure it's a convenient excuse to prevent a gentleman caller from becoming an overnight guest. Keeps a fellow from getting all up in your space and looking through your collection of romance novels Ayn Rand literation or using all your shower gel and then trying to pretend he doesn't smell like lilacs.

But I think it was largely about the transitional nature of my twenties. Your twenties are all about what's down the road. Opportunities present themselves at a moments notice and you don't want to worry about carting a California King cross-country. From college, to your first low-level entry position, to a new city, it's all about what's next. You never want to get too comfortable, maybe even literally, with where you're at. That, and wicked insomnia, fueled the notion that at any time, I could be off into the sunset, twin mattress propped up against someone's dumpster.

So perhaps it's ironic - I really don't know, the use of that word kinda confuses me - that in a city of perpetual motion (and only two seasons,) I'm ready to hang around.

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